Types of Aloe


Aloe Vera is a member of the lily, onion, garlic family although it looks like a cactus. There are over 200 species and it survives well in very dry, arid conditions and many originate from Africa.

Aloe varies in size from a dwarf species to the size of a small tree. They flower during winter with a single flower. They tend to have sword-shaped spiny leaves arranged in rosettes.

At least four of these species have medical properties. These are:

Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, sometimes called Aloe Vera Linne or

Aloe Vera Vulgaris or the Curacao Aloe.

Aloe Vera Ferox Miller, often called Cape Aloe.

Aloe Vera Perry Baker, sometimes called the Socotrine Aloe or Zanzibar Aloe

Aloe Vera Arborescens and Aloe Saponaria which are mainly used in Japan.

According to Bill Coates R.Ph.,CCN, a world renowned expert on Aloe Vera explains in his book ‘The Silent Healer’ that he has spent 20 years researching into all the types of Aloe and develop one regional variety to its maximum potential. He comes to one conclusion:

“In testing for broad spectrum medical and cosmetic efficacy, the species Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller would win hands down. This Aloe is the most potent of all the Aloes, so this is the source to use”.

This is the ‘true Aloe’ and has been given wonderful names because of its properties.

Burn Plant
Healing Plant
Medicine Plant
Potted Physician
Dietary Plant
Heaven’s Blessing
Plant of Life
Wonder Plant
First Aid Plant
Wand of Heaven
Silent Healer

Aloe Vera helps so gently the user often forgets the problem was there in the first place and that’s why it’s called The Silent Healer. I know this to be true because I have forgotten what it was like to have the discomfort of IBS and how it gently left me after all those years. I forgot I was a sufferer.

As well as using the right species of Aloe Vera Gel the condition of the plant is important too if the Gel is to work.

The plant must be at least four years old so it is mature enough to be potent. The leaves must be in good condition.

If a manufactured product is being used the inner Gel must be properly stabilized and not diluted so that its natural synergism is kept in perfect balance.

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