What Is Aloe Vera?


The aloe vera plant is a member of the lilly family, and is similar to a cactus plant in appearance. It originates from North Africa and has well over 200 species. It is very well known for it’s medicinal properties and the plant extract has been used to treat a number of conditions for thousands of years. Even famous historical figures such as Cleopatra and Alexander the Great are said to have used aloe vera.

Nowadays aloe vera is an active ingredient in many products and is used to treat a number of different conditions. It is probably most famous for it’s positive treatment of a variety of skin conditions, and is used not only for healing cuts and wounds and improving the general appearance of the skin, but also for treating specific conditions such as skin ulcers and Eczema.

It is also used to treat a number of internal digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis probems and helps to boost the immune system generally.

Aloe vera products are available in many different forms. It’s available as a gel, a lotion, a juice, a cream, a spray and so on, but the trouble with these products is that the actual quantity of aloe vera is actually very small in a lot of cases.

This is why we believe that the best aloe vera product is Aloeride because not only is it available in capsule form and is therefore convenient and easy to take, but it also contains a high quantity of aloe vera. It is also absorbed within the body where it is said to be most effective.

Posted On:  July 15, 2016
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