Beauty Stress Depression

by Hilda R. Smith
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Beauty Stress Depression

Every time one comes across the phrase beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder very few stop to look beyond the physical appeal. Beauty forms an essential part of life in the animal kingdom because it draws attention, promotes interaction, enhance continuity and the general well being of a species. Among humans the definition of beauty is not universal because while some societies consider slim body types as repulsive others view plump individuals as the most attractive people with their society. The same is true with the shade of skin because while some people with dark skin tone use bleaching creams and therapies to get a light complexion. Most people with very light sunlight sensitive skin sometimes gets stress depression trying to figure out the best ways protects themselves form getting skin cancer. It is also not unusual to find health overweight individuals with occasional bouts of stress depression just because they are unable to do certain things like the rest.

For instance, when moving around using public transport some obese people normally get stress depression from the unwanted attention that they draw when they are offer double or special seats for them to have a comfortable ride. When it comes to clothing extremely overweight individuals have a hard time getting suitable outfit sizes and stylish designs from regular fashion stores. Besides this getting right meal portions from normal restaurants is tough and therefore some obese people get stress depression requesting for multiple serving before they  get adequately replenished. Meanwhile individuals who use skin bleaching creams get normally advised on the health risks that they expose themselves to. In fact some of the creams contain some heavy metals and other harmful compounds that are known to cause organ failures plus some forms of cancer leading to premature deaths. Aging is also another leading cause of beauty stress depression for people seeking the secret to the elusive tale of eternal youthful beauty.

As more people live longer they find the need to continue with their old ways but few get apprehensive about standing out of youthful crowds due to their hair color and wrinkled unsightly skin complexion. To cope with graying hair some opt to using coloring agents to conceal their true age. But when it comes to skin complexion the uphill task of getting the skin to have the neatly fitting luster look can get the aging stress depression. Those who prefer to go the natural way can get a vibrant skin tone by taking balanced diets, maintaining low weight, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, avoiding abusing tobacco, alcohol plus drugs, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and learning how to control their emotions. In general clinical stress depression that affects both the external and internal beauty can be caused by either negative or positive event. For instance, while some people become more settled and relaxed as they age others face midlife crisis that is not taken care of properly can lead to serious cases of stress depression.

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