Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils

by Hilda R. Smith
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Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils

Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil

Defining your eyebrows is a very beauty movement that we yet need to keep it calm down. Even those who have accepted this challenging application trend of this product, have realized that if you use it on the reg, those completely powerful pencils get dull and run really fast. If you have been born with eyebrows that are not naturally filled and shaped, then you are going to look for ways to refill it. Spending a lot of money in eyebrow pencils not always is the best option. That’s why, we are here to introduce you to the best drugstore eyebrow pencil that not only will help you fill the stock on your eyebrows but it will also save your budget.

Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil Products

It’s not just a pencil. This compact duo is just powerful. You’ll get a soft gel that naturally fills your brows and leaves you a smooth finish. The other side of this duo compact features a powder, that you will apply on top of your fresh brows. We recommend you to use an angled-eyeliner brush that helps to apply the gel. This will give a better control to your look. You can use each side individually and with a price of $3 that you can’t really beat it.

CoverGirl Bombshell POW-der Brow & Liner

Another drugstore eyebrow pencil that will make you rethink the powder based eyebrow products. If you are looking for something that will fill in stray hairs in a defined set of eyebrows, this is the best drugstore eyebrow pencil for you. This eyebrow pencil has a soft applicator that you can use to dab on tops of your brows. Fall out won’t occur because the powder is thick enough. To set the look, use a brow gel wand. If you are still on fence with bold brows, this pencil will ease you into trend. And, you’ll get an eyeliner out of it, and all this by only $12.

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Precise Shaping Pencil

This is the brow pencil. This actually brings thin lines that enhance tiny brow hairs. But, let’s be real. You want your filled eyebrows to look as natural as possible. Applies a sort of a wax but also blends easily like a powder. You can find this product in four different shades, giving you the freedom to pick the color that suits you best. An awesome drugstore eyebrow pencil for only $8 each.

L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Sculptor

This drugstore eyebrow pencil product, features a pencil at one end for a precise filling, and clear pencil at the other end to set the look in place when you are finished. Cap also features a little soft brush that you can use for sharpening. $7 at all!

 NYX Eye Brow Marker

In this article we have covered almost anything. Powders, pencils and gels. Now it’s time for a brow marker. Only $10, extremely thin, pointed felt-tip like this drugstore eyebrow pencil, is designed for a total precision. Meanwhile the liquid formula is resistant to smudging.

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