How Can You Get Eyebrow Implants

by Hilda R. Smith
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How Can You Get Eyebrow Implants

Eyebrow implants are referred to the surgical procedure of permanently implanting your eyebrows. With the older techniques, hair use involved taking individual hair from any part of the body and transplanting it to your eyebrows. Hair from the back of your head is also used since it is much more similar to your eyebrow hairs. Requests for this treatment come usually from those women who have over-plucked their eyebrows. This has ended up leaving these women with thin or virtually no eyebrows.

Eyebrow Implants Procedure

During the procedure, each hair gland is implanted using a transplanting needle. This ensures that the micro grafts obtained from donor are well fixed into your brow area. Again, when getting hair implants from donor’s scalp, they must be divided to single glands units and any excess epidermis or dermis will be removed. When you are healed, the transplanted hair will grow normally and you will still be able to pluck, shape or trim your brows. They will practically behave like normal eyebrows that have not been transplanted. This will make you feel even better, without concerning that people will find out that you have eyebrow implants.

Eyebrow Implants Cost

When you are ready to go for eyebrow implants, before you decide, you need to know they cost your budget. Normal price for eyebrow implants ranges around $3000 to $8000. This depending on the kind of implants you want, the clinic you are going to and the condition of your eyebrows. There are also two type of main procedures that you need to know:

Full Eyebrow Implants: Full eyebrow implants is a procedure done to men and women who for one or another reason have lost their eyebrows. This is done on people who completely have no eyebrows or have very few ones. This procedure costs a little bit more money compared to partial one, since it involves more hair transplant or implants. You might need or require 300 to 400 hair per one bow.

Partial Eyebrow Implants: This procedure usually is done for cosmetic reasons. This is done to help enhance eyebrows or increase them. As a woman, you deserve to know that aggressive plucking of eyebrows through various methods such as grasping or waxing, can result to permanent eyebrow hair loss. This can happen also from harsh use of eyebrow makeup.

Warning & Advises

Do not ever be excited by the way your eyebrow implants look before and after. What you need to know is that, the procedures have their own problems, risks and dangers. Don’t tell your self that you know all about eyebrow implants. Follow the advises and choose the right way for your face. Decide, get the money, find the clinic and be careful! Good Luck.

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