How To Hair Removal And Beautify Your Eyebrows

by Hilda R. Smith
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How To Hair Removal And Beautify Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows define and accentuate the features of the face. Well kept eyebrows will automatically transform the face and the eyes making a person to generally look good. The shape of one’s eyebrows can actually give a certain look to the face. For instance those with a sharp curve will give an impression of a surprised look while a flat straight line suggests a calm look. For men taking care of one’s eyebrows is not given much concern and involves just brushing them regularly so that they look neat although those with bushy eyebrows can slightly trim them to shape. But for most women well-shaped eyebrows are a beauty routine that is performed regularly just like other beauty treatments. For beautiful eyebrows, one should ensure that the trimming is done in such a way that the natural shape of the eyebrows is maintained. But with the many upcoming brow shapes, a beauty expert can recommend another shape that can work depending on the shape of one’s face.

Before trimming the eyebrows, it’s advisable to draw an outline separate the wanted and unwanted hairs. This ensures that the shaving is done in line and that both eyes acquire a similar shape. After the trimming, the brows should then be oiled and brushed to give them a classy finish. There are many ways of trimming the eyebrows. The cheapest method is using a sharp razor or a scalpel. This can be easily done at home without necessarily the help of a beauty expert. This method although easy can be very risky especially if the razor is not well sterilized. It’s therefore important to ensure that one uses a new razor and thoroughly sterilizers it to avoid the risk of infections. Care should also be taken not to injure the sensitive eye skin. After shaving it takes a period of two weeks before it grows again.

Another trimming method is using a twizzer. This is equipment is specifically made for this purpose and it involves removal of the unwanted eyebrows strand by strand. The method is quite painful but because the hairs are removed from the root, it takes long before they can grow again thus a better shape for longer.  It’s also quite safe as chances of injury are very low.  The other method is waxing the unwanted eyebrows. This is a very painful method which involves use of an adhesive kind of material that is put on the part of the eyebrows to be removed. It’s then pulled off in a quick motion which causes the skin around the eyebrow to be stretched up. Although very painful, it’s very rewarding as it takes a period of about two months before another trim and is also very safe. Trimming eyebrows will not guarantee that perfect look if the correct after-shave care is not accorded. The eyebrows should be regularly oiled and should be brushed on daily basis in order to keep their shape and they should be re-trimmed whenever stray hairs grow.

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