Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

by Hilda R. Smith
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Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

If there’s one thing that makes us pout it’s dry, chapped lips. The cold winter air can really do a number on this thin, delicate skin causing it to be tight and flaky, and sometimes cracked to the point of bleeding. Of course, that unconscious compulsion to lick them moist only aggravates the problem.

But here’s something to smile about. Saffron Rouge carries a number of special balms, butters and treatments that can help your keep your kisser in smooch-worthy condition.

European line ilike makes some deliciously effective Lip Balms specially formulated to prevent and combat chap challenges. These nourishing, hydrating pots come in lemon, mint and cinnamon varieties and deliver a refreshing tingle along with a softening blend of shea butter, beeswax and herbal oils. The cinnamon one, in particular, gets the circulation going that you might notice a slight plumping effect on your lips as it warms, soothes and heals.

There are times when you might not want a hint of flavor or fragrance on your lips. In that case, Dr. Bronner’s Naked Lip Balm is the stick for you. This affordable balm is made from an organic blend of jojoba, avocado and hemp oils. It forms a protective barrier against the elements and infuses your lips with pure unscented softness.

Want a hint of color while taking care of your luscious lips? Try Alima Pure’s Nourishing Tinted Lip Balm which comes in a range of subtle shimmering shades like Acai, Rhubarb and Holly Berry. You’ll love how these organic lip tints deliver a tingly zing along with a surge of moisture, so it feels as good as it looks.

Here’s a versatile option combining balm and bling – Badger’s Lip Tint Shimmer Stick is like two products in one. The double-ended barrel has a pretty tint on one side and a subtle opal shimmer on the other, with both sides providing a moisturizing base of cocoa butter, aloe, rose hip and olive oil. This well-priced stick comes in four shades and is one of our most popular lip products.

If your lips are already passed the point where a layer of balm will smooth things over, you might want to try Suki’s Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser To-Go. This gentle granular scrub is primarily for the face and body, but is particularly beneficial for buffing away dry flakes of skin on the lips as well. Suki also makes a Lip Repair Butter that is formulated to help heal and protect lips. It has a rather waxy matte finish and may take a little getting used to if glossier lip slicks are your norm. Give it a try and see how the jojoba oil, vitamin E and chamomile reduce the chaffing.

Lip lickers should note that while the all-natural ingredients and mouthwatering flavors in these products are perfectly safe to ingest, make an effort to curb that drying, damaging habit.

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